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I been messing around with the concept of working whenever I want. This is not "Freelance" although I found it quite freeing on the first attempt. Rather this is more akin to speculative photography at the drop of a hat.


The core of my business is very much speculative as I don't charge sit fees and therefore rely on my own work being good enough for people to purchase however that relies on the clients coming to and booking me first. What if I could go and just photograph, post and have people pay for what they like? 


Well, I can now and because I love dogs I went to the dog park first! Also, there are no expectations of privacy for a dog. I can't just take pictures of peoples kids in public places, anymore, in North America. So dogs it is!


I'll be announcing my, "PhoDogRaphy" trips in advance on Twitter @Chardingphotos and Instagram: CoryHardingPhotography 




Are you supposed to sign-off a blog like that? Is it just a letter to the public? Should I have opened with, "Dear Dog Lover,"?   

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