Thank you for visiting. Hockey Calgary decided to try something different this year and provide game action photos which I was happy to do. On average I spent only about 6 minutes per team as there were so many games to cover. That's 1 shift for each player so if you don't see your son or daughter I apologize.
Cory A. Harding
8AM McKnight vs Simons Valley8AM Saints vs Crowfoot9AM Blackfoot vs Glenlake9AM Bow Valley vs Blackfoot9AM Crowfoot vs Trails West9AM Trails West vs Bow River10AM Saints vs Bow Valley10AM Simons Valley vs McKnight10AM Trails West vs Blackfoot10AM Trails West vs Springbank115PM Blackfoot vs Bow Valley115PM Bow Valley vs Southwest115PM McKnight vs Simons Valley115PM NWW vs Glenlake115PM Springbank vs GHC115PM Springbank vs Simons Valley215PM Glenlake vs Lake Bonavista215PM Mavericks vs Saints230PM Bow River vs Southwest230PM McKnight vs Simons Valley230PM Springbank vs NWW230PM Trails West vs Springbank315PM McKnight vs Glenlake315PM Trails West vs Crowfoot330PM Crowfoot vs Glenlake330PM Lake Bonavista vs Crowfoot330PM NWW vs Lake Bonavista415PM GHC vs Trails West415PM McKnight vs Southwest445PM Blackfoot vs Glenlake445PM Blackfoot vs Mavericks445PM Bow Valley vs Springbank445PM Glenlake vs NWW545PM Crowfoot vs Simons Valley545PM Glenlake vs Saints545PM NWW vs Glenlake545PM Southwest vs Glenlake645PM Bow River Vs Glenlake645PM Mavericks Vs McKnight645PM Southwest Vs GHC645PM Springbank Vs NWW1115AM Crowfoot vs Trails West1115AM NWW vs Simons Valley1115AM NWW vs Springbank1115AM Trails West vs GHC1215PM Blackfoot vs NWW1215PM Bow Valley vs Crowfoot1215PM NWW vs Bow Valley1215PM Springbank vs Mavericks1215PM Springbank vs Southwest1215PM Trails West vs Bow River